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Geneva LIVE: Porsche Mission E Cross Turismo

by Byron Hurd

Porsche\'s electrification plan heads skyward with a new crossover concept.

Back in January, a mule spotted in the arctic circle got us wondering: What electrified crossover was Porsche testing on what appeared to be a shortened Cayenne platform? The answer, as it turns out, is this. Behold, the Porsche Mission E Cross Turismo concept.

Porsche told us days ago to expect "something important" to debut in Geneva. We already knew about the new 911 GT3 RS, so that was out. The upcoming Boxster Spider was a possibility, but as much as we love that car, "important" is not really the right word for it. "Cool"? Sure, but "important"? Nah, not really.

As it turns out, Porsche's surprise is an all-electric crossover. The announcement was all of two paragraphs long and unsurprisingly light on details, but some important information was included. The Mission E Cross Turismo utilizes an 800-volt electric architecture which allows for fast-charging times of just 15 minutes for 400 km of range (an estimate based on the European cycle). That translates to an estimated 250 miles overseas, but would be closer to 200 miles by U.S. measurements.

For starters, Porsche says it will show a production version next year, proving that the company is serious about the Mission E lineup. It also included some performance data, boasting of a 600-horsepower output from twin electric motors and a 0-60 time under 3.5 seconds.

Porsche also says it will be able to deliver those quick starts in succession, reminding us yet again that Tesla's early performance launch control systems were only capable of delivering maximum acceleration twice in succession before entering a cool-down state.

The Cross Turismo rides on adaptive air suspension, Porsche says, allowing for comfort, multi-surface versatility and performance, depending on the driver's needs.

"The Mission E Cross Turismo is an expression of how we envision the all-electric future. It combines sportiness and everyday practicality in unique style. Our vehicle will be fast to drive, but also quick to recharge and able to replicate its performance time after time," said Porsche CEO Oliver Blume in the announcement.

The concept looks about like you'd expect. That is to say, it's basically a taller Panamera Sport Turismo with some EV-appropriate detailing. Several highlights are done in blue (which is European for green), including the wheels, an LED strip in the rear valence, and some subtle detailing on the otherwise not-at-all-subtle side skirts.

Inside, the Cross Turismo has what appears to be a fairly production-ready cabin. The dash and center console appear to be entirely devoid of buttons, relying instead on touch displays, but the steering wheel at least looks like it's right out of the company parts bin. The seats are definitely concept fodder (same story in the rear cargo area), but some minor changes would make for a production-ready interior.

That's all we have for now. If Porsche keeps to its timeline, we should be just a year away from real-world details. Stay tuned.

Live photos by Ronan Glon.