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Porsche considers flying cars

by Justin King

Airborne taxis could help wealthy clients slash their travel times in urban environments.

Porsche may joint the list of companies developing flying taxis for future 'mobility' services.

The German performance marque may seem an unlikely contender in an industry focused on fully-autonomous aircraft. Such services will initially serve wealthy city dwellers, however, meshing with Porsche's clientele.

Speaking to Automobilwoche, Porsche sales & marketing head Detlev von Platen suggests a passenger-carrying drone could slash his commute from Zuffenhausen to the Stuttgart airport, which currently takes at least a half hour by car.

"It would take three and a half minutes with the plane," he said.

The company is said to be preparing a design sketch for its drone taxi vision. Companies involved in similar projects range from Airbus and Uber to DeLorean and Volvo parent Geely, among others.