By Nick Aziz
Wednesday, May 2nd, 2007 @ 12:34 pm
In late April, Volkswagen of America executive Adrian Hallmark said the new Scirocco hatchback would not come to the United States. "We don't want it," he said, suggesting it would cannibalize sales of the GTI. Not so fast says the home office.

Bringing the Scirocco to the United States is still a top consideration, VW spokesman Hans-Gerd Bode told AutoWeek. He said the final decision will not be made by Volkswagen of America, but rather by VW CEO Martin Winterkorn in Germany.

A final decision will come in 2008. The Scirocco would arrive in America at the end of that year, assuming VW decides to import it.

The Scirocco will have the same engine, chassis, and suspension as the GTI. It will be based closely on the Iroc Concept, which debuted in August 2006.

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