By Drew Johnson
Wednesday, Sep 22nd, 2010 @ 1:51 pm
With the company's new mid-size sedan (NMS) waiting in the wings, Volkswagen has decided to pull the plug on the U.S. version of its Passat premium sedan. The Passat will exit the United States market after the 2010 model year.

The Jetta, NMS and Passat apparently equated to too many cooks in the kitchen, with VW execs confirming that the current range-topping Passat sedan will not return to the automaker's U.S. lineup after the 2010 model year. The Passat current stands as VW's mid-size sedan offering.

VW will replace the Passat with its upcoming NMS. The NMS will make its world debut at the 2011 Detroit Auto Show, with sales expected to begin shortly thereafter.

Intended to compete with the Honda Accord and Toyota Camry -- both in price and size -- the NMW will be produced at VW's new Chattanooga, Tennessee production facility.

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