By Nat Shirley
Tuesday, Oct 30th, 2012 @ 12:54 pm

SEMA wouldn't seem quite right without a plethora of custom Ford Mustangs on display, and for this year's edition of the show a number of aftermarket companies have stepped up to deliver four wild, Vegas-appropriate 'stangs.

Looking to build a maximum-performance Mustang, DSO eyewear started with a 2013 Mustang GT and upgraded the 5.0-liter V8 with a twin-screw Whipple supercharger and intercooler. The changes increase output to a ludicrous 750 horsepower, which is transmitted to the rear wheels through a six-speed automatic gearbox that facilitates easy, infinitely repeatable drag-strip runs.

An Eibach suspension and Brembo brakes help keep DSO's wild Mustang under control, while a 3dCarbon body kit and a potent Rockford audio system round out the modifications.

Ringbrothers also decided to try their hand at customizing the Mustang GT, giving the pony car a carbon-fiber body kit that's clothed in custom silver waterborne paint. Suspension mods and big brakes were added, while a supercharger cranks up the V8's output (Ringbrothers didn't specify a power figure, but we're guessing it's extreme).

Meanwhile, the folks at Mothers, Autosport Dynamics, and RTR decided to team up to create a tricked-out Boss 302. A track-focused suspension along with upsized wheels and tires help the already fine-handling Boss become even more precise, while an RTR carbon-fiber body kit signals that big power lurks under the hood - 650 horsepower, to be exact.

The Mustang GT RTR is finished in "Mothers Red" and its interior features Sparco seats covered in custom upholstery.

While the rest of the SEMA-bound Mustangs are V8-engined coupes, Stitchcraft decided to go a different route and use a six-cylinder convertible as its canvas. The company put an emphasis on the cabin, installing matte-finish surfaces and nickel-colored accents. On the performance end, the company added nitrous injection, a FlowMaster exhaust system, Hotchkis coil-over suspension and large Wilwood brakes.

Live images by Andrew Ganz

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