End of an era: Australian vehicle manufacturing comes to a close

The closing of the Holden Elizabeth plant in South Australia this Friday will mark the end of automotive manufacturing in the country. The facility produced the Holden Commodore, which was exported to America under the Chevrolet SS nameplate (and previously the Pontiac G8). The shuttering of the facility will mark the end of the SS and its companion vehicle, the law-enforcement-spec Caprice.


PSA to cut jobs at British manufacturing facility

French automaker PSA will cut jobs from its Ellesmere Port facility in England, the company has announced. Reuters reports that 400 jobs will be lost at the plant, which assembles the Vauxhall Astra. Vauxhall (known elsewhere in Europe as Opel) was divested from G.M. and purchased by PSA earlier this year.


Daimler to restructure Mercedes-Benz divisions

Daimler AG will restructure its Mercedes-Benz car and truck divisions into "legally independent entities," AP reports (via CNBC). Daimler says it has no plans to divest any of the brands completely from the company. The new structure will allow each division to operate more independently and, the company hopes, foster "greater entrepreneurial responsibility."


Lamborghini: hybrid tech not ready for super-sports cars

Lamborghini will eventually need to adopt hybrid powertrains, but the company's R&D chief says the technology isn't ready yet. "For the PHEV tech, the supplier of the battery must make another big step for the weight and the packaging. There cannot be compromise on weight or packaging in this car," said Maurizio Reggiani.