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    Study lists most, least popular cities for American-brand car shoppers
    A new study has revealed new car shopping habits for the 51 largest metropolitan areas in the United States. 

    Some clear patterns emerged from the findings, which were released by Car Gurus based on a study of inquires submitted to dealers in the largest metro areas during a 30 day period.  Buyers in the Midwestern states are far more likely to shop for American-branded cars, while those on the West Coast tend to lean more toward imported cars.  

    Still, buyers in all 51 major metro areas surveyed shopped American-branded cars more often than they did Asian or European cars.

    Not surprisingly, the Detroit area remains the largest market for interest in American-branded cars, with more than two-thirds of all shoppers looking at vehicles produced by the Big 3. At the opposite end of the spectrum, California's big cities took home four of the bottom five positions as far as interest in American-branded vehicles.

    While the survey can be found on a PDF released by CarGurus, we parsed their data even further to determine the shopping habits of buyers across the country. Visit the next slide to see what we found.
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    New car shopping habits in the 10 largest metro areas in the U.S.
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    The 10 biggest markets for American-brand new car shoppers
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    The 10 biggest markets for Asian-brand new car shoppers
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    The 10 biggest markets for European-brand new car shoppers