Tesla could turn Supercharger stations into convenience stores

It takes time to charge an electric vehicle, and Tesla wants to capitalize on the thousands of owners waiting for electricity by adding convenience stores to Supercharger stations. "They want to eat, they want to have a cup of coffee, they want to use the restroom," said Tesla CTO JB Straubel. He added people spend on average 20 to 30 minutes at Supercharger stations.   


BMW M rules out four-cylinder-powered model

BMW M has surfed the downsizing wave in recent years, but it's not ready to launch a car powered by a four-cylinder engine. "If you look at it with a four-cylinder, I don't see characteristics that I would like on an M car, on a small displacement turbocharged four-cylinder engine," affirmed M boss Frank van Meel in an interview with Australian website Car Advice.   


Daimler investing $1B to build EVs in Alabama

Mercedes-Benz parent company Daimler will pump $1 billion into its factory in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. The investment will go towards upgrading the plant to allow it to churn out batteries and electric cars. The first battery-powered Mercedes with a "made in America" label is expected to see the light of day in 2020.