By Justin King
Thursday, Feb 6th, 2014 @ 3:04 pm
Chrysler's SRT head, Ralph Gilles, has downplayed rumors pointing to a Barracuda nameplate revival.

Speaking at the Chicago Auto Show, the executive noted that the idea "has grown legs of its own" despite no internal decision to develop such a project, according to quotes posted by Automobile Magazine.

To fit within the current SRT offerings, he argues that a Barracuda would have to be smaller than the Challenger. Consequently, it would require significant investment to build a new platform.

The company is said to be open to a small performance-oriented car, though it will likely start with an SRT-badged Dart once an appropriate powertrain has been chosen.

Gilles did not absolutely dismiss the Barracuda, noting that "I never say never" and acknowledging persistent interest in the "romantic, very storied name."

Early rumors suggested the company was preparing to replace the Challenger with the Barracuda. This may have been under consideration when Challenger sales began to waver, but Dodge shows no signs of axing its current two-door muscle car.

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