By Nick Jaynes
Monday, Apr 1st, 2013 @ 2:37 am
"Having just launched the current model (BRZ) to widespread critical acclaim, we are tired of fighting off the constant speculation about what's 'next' and so we are just giving in and delivering all the speculation in one vehicle," a Subaru spokesperson said in a prepared statement, delighting many in the automotive media.

Powered by a drivetrain similar to what was seen in the Subaru Viziv concept in Geneva, the new BRZ will be everything fans have been pushing for but without a backup camera. As the brand spokesperson explained, "after shoehorning two convertible switches (up and down) onto the fascia there just wasn't room for any more instruments."

Available in "noseeum black," the model will be the first diesel hybrid to hit the states in many years and will be built in the Subaru Brigadoon facility. No performance numbers or pricing figures have been made available but the BRZ HEV is expected to be much quicker and more expensive than the current version.

For those interested in learning more on the BRZ diesel hybrid convertible are urged to reference their calendars.

Happy April 1st.

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