By Justin King
Friday, Dec 26th, 2014 @ 1:51 pm
Tesla Motors has confirmed that the Roadster upgrade will bring a significant improvement in range.

"Roadster upgrade will enable non-stop travel from LA to SF -- almost 400 mile range," Tesla chief Elon Musk said in a Twitter post.

The previous roadster was powered by a 56 kWh battery, good for approximately 245 miles on a full charge, however the revised model integrates newer battery cells for a total capacity of 70 kWh.

The two-seater benefits from improved aerodynamics, dropping the drag coefficient (Cd) from 0.36 to 0.31 -- an improvement of 15 percent, accessible to existing Roadsters via a retrofit kit. Rolling resistance has also been reduced, thanks to new wheel bearings, better brakes and new tires.

The executive suggests Tesla's electric sedan will also get a battery upgrade, but not in the immediate future.

"Should mention that a battery pack upgrade is not coming soon for the Model S, but it obviously *will* happen long-term," Musk noted.

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