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Musk slams fake news media, muses about app to rate reporters

by Nick Aziz

Elon Musk has had enough of the manufactured outrage and \'holier-than-thou\' attitude of many mainstream journalists, and he made it known in a series of tweets late Wednesday.

In recent weeks and months, Musk has found himself increasingly the target of overzealous bloggers and journalists, who have been quick to seize on perceived inaccuracies or mistruths, politically incorrect statements and hyperbolic, tongue-in-cheek, or otherwise facetious remarks as fodder for their humorless and decidedly "woke" scoldings.

The latest controversy, in which Musk called out the press for their shameless repackaging of financial market FUD as news began with a single tweet:

Musk's remarks served as a caption for a retweet of a story about a new report from Baird, in which the investment firm told clients that the negative media coverage that has driven Tesla's stock down for months has just about run out of steam, and with the automaker's production ramp now underway, "shares could appreciate significantly."

Predictably, Musk's tweet was met by a chorus of whiney knee-jerk reactions from so-called "journalists", including The Verge's Andrew J. Hawkins. The outspoken Bernie Sanders supporter and trade unionist turned politically correct "transportation reporter" for the tech website immediately compared Musk to Donald Trump, for daring to challenge the press as purveyors of fake news. Musk fired back, calling out the writer:

Musk then mused about creating a web app dedicated to rating the accuracy of journalists.

As was the case when Musk recently slammed certain journalists for overhyping Autopilot accidents and Tesla production delays in pursuit of clicks and pageviews, a sanctimonious mini-backlash and pile-on has ensued. Another politically progressive writer, Jessica Huseman of ProPublica, who appears to be similarly fixated on Donald Trump and truthiness -- and likewise was triggered by Musk's tweets -- construed the billionaire's stance as a "tantrum" and "ignorant" in a series of profanity-laden tweets culminating in a screed about injuries at Tesla's factory.

Musk has a years long history of tussles with reporters, but recent incidents have been framed through a post-Trumpian lens in which those who call out the media as charlatans or purveyors of fake controversies are viewed as Trump-like alt-right demagogues, even in matters that have nothing to do with politics or the left-right spectrum. As alluded to above, this happened most recently with the media's embarrassing freakout over Musk's handling of Tesla's Q1 earnings call, and his remarks about journalists who help fuel the short seller frenzy vis a vis Model 3 production woes, and similarly stoke fears about "Autopilot" and other vehicle automatation technologies following high-profile accidents.

A few months ago, Musk's somewhat facetious remarks on the downsides of public transportation -- a golden calf of the political left and politically correct journalists -- triggered a Twitter conniption among "urban planners" and pious journalists who slammed him as antisocial and retrograde for pointing out that Japanese subways pack people like sardines onto trains at rush hour and for joking about NYC subway serial killers.