By Drew Johnson
Monday, Nov 7th, 2011 @ 5:14 pm
Toyota's Lexus division may have already conceded the title of the United State's most popular luxury brand, but the automaker's Sienna minivan is still in the run for a crown of its own.

The Sienna has never been the nation's best-selling minivan, but Toyota's people hauler has a legitimate shot at the sales title this year, trailing the segment-leading Dodge Grand Caravan by just a few hundred sales. Through October Toyota had tallied 91,955 Sienna sales, nipping at the heels of the Dodge Grand Caravan and its 92,930 sales.

Honda's Odyssey was the U.S.' best-selling minivan just two years ago, but the Odyssey isn't a threat to the Dodge or Toyota this year. Honda has managed just 86,436, although that leads the Chrysler Town & Country at 78,255 units.

Toyota says that recent flooding in Thailand has impacted some U.S. Production of the Sienna, but it remains possible Toyota could shift resources from other vehicles if the sales title is within reach. Toyota has been hammered by recall woes and natural disasters over the last couple years, so the minivan sales title might just be the company's best shot at some positive news.

1.'Dodge, Toyota in tight...' view

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