By Nick Aziz
Friday, Sep 18th, 2009 @ 4:35 am
Over a year ago, Leftlane broke exclusive details on Toyota's plan to extend the Prius name to a broader range of vehicles. Since then, there have been numerous claims made about the validity of these rumors. But Toyota has put the speculation to rest with official confirmation that there will soon be more Prius models.

The announcement was made at a Las Vegas gathering of Toyota and Lexus dealers from across the country. Sources at the event tell us executives were careful to point out the future Prius range won't be a full-fledged brand like Lexus or Scion.

Rather, the Prius "brand" will be a subset of vehicles within Toyota. It remains to be seen exactly what form this might take. Previous rumors call for a coupe and a pickup truck.

In November we reported rumors about Toyota developing a 2+2 coupe version of the Prius, which would do battle with Hond's upcoming CRZ hybrid.

Also said to be in the works is a production version of the A-BAT Concept pickup truck. This vehicle seems like a logical fit for the Prius range.

No official word on when to expect the new Prius models, but sources have indicated Toyota is targeting a 2012 launch date.

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