By Nat Shirley
Monday, Dec 5th, 2011 @ 2:04 pm
Though Toyota hasn't even started production of the recently unveiled GT 86, the company already mulling over the expansion of its sports car lineup with two new models, including a Supra successor that could be co-developed with Subaru.

GT 86 chief engineer Tetsuya Tada told Drive that one of the enthusiast oriented-models would be slotted below the GT 86, while the other would be positioned up-market and could follow in the footsteps of the vaunted Supra.

'I would like to have one smaller and one larger," said Tada. "One would probably be a Supra follower. Nothing has been decided yet. It would [be] like a Supra successor."

It was unclear whether the bigger vehicle would revive the Supra moniker or take on a new name, but Tada did say that the car could be jointly engineered with Subaru in the manner of the Toyota GT 86/ Subaru BRZ project. Its production, however, hinges on whether Toyota can build a viable business case for its existence.

No word on whether the Subaru variant would receive the long-defunct SVX nameplate.

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