By Mark Kleis
Thursday, Jun 30th, 2011 @ 5:24 am
Toyota's Camry has enjoyed being America's favorite car (second only to the Ford F-Series for total vehicle sales) for years, but with competition knocking on Camry's door, Toyota isn't about to let its sales title fall quietly.

Instead, Toyota is planning to launch a massive advertising blitz this fall that features over 40 new commercials aimed at restoring faith in the brand and positioning the upcoming Camry (and all Toyota models) as "smart, safe and worry-free," according to anonymous individual who attended a regional meeting and spoke with The Wall Street Journal.

The advertising blitz is expected to kick-off in October as part of the plan to rejuvenate the brand and jump start sales for the upcoming Camry, according to Toyota CEO Akio Toyoda. The CEO also reiterated the brand's goal to sell at least two million Toyota-branded vehicles in a single year in the U.S. by 2013.

To accomplish its goal Toyota is planning to launch 20 new or redesigned vehicles by 2013, with 13 of those being heavily updated or all-new. Toyoda has also promised to move away from the conservative styling that has come to define the brand in the eyes of many critics in recent years.

Toyota has revealed virtually nothing regarding the next-gen Camry, likely choosing to keep its cards close to its chest given the undeniable importance of the model's success.

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