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Geneva LIVE: Toyota's GR Supra Racing Concept

by Byron Hurd

Move over, Godzilla. There\'s a new hype monster in town.

After years of teasing, concepts with vague project codes and rumors beyond count, Toyota has finally seen fit to show us a (concept) car bearing the storied Supra nameplate. This is the GR Supra Racing Concept, and it's our first real glimpse at the company's high-performance future.

It has been four years since we first saw the FT-1 concept, and we have to say we're impressed by the GR Supra's fealty to the original vision. Some of the more exaggerated elements (such as the monster rear fender intakes) didn't quite translate, but the fundamental design elements that anchored the FT-1's shape remain.

The "GR" in the concept's name stands for "Gazoo Racing," which is Toyota's works team. It may sound a little silly, but hey, if Porsche can have airborne reptiles, then why not? Thanks to its pedigree, the GR Supra Racing Concept is heavy on post-production components.

We can start with the rear wing, which could conservatively be described as massive (Toyota prefers "dramatic" as a descriptor for the body work.) It's one of many parts added on to a light-weighted, track-ready body which incorporates composite components (front and rear bumpers, the aforementioned wing, the hood, side skirts and mirror housings). The windows are even plastic.

That's not much of a compromise to interior comfort considering there isn't much of an interior. A single race bucket represents the entirety of its cabin seating; the next-largest interior feature is the fire extinguisher. On the dash, you'll find a quick-release OMP steering wheel adorned with paddle shfiters for the (presumably sequential) racing transmission. Gazoo also fitted center-locking BBS wheels with Michelin race tires, just in case it wasn't clear that this is a car built for competition rather than street performance.

Beyond that, Toyota was very sparse with the details. We'll have to wait for the production version to debut before we get any details on the powertrain, especially the street version, which will likely only be loosely related to whatever will power Gazoo's race cars. Stay tuned.

Live photos by Ronan Glon.