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Toyota shuns Android Auto to 'protect customers privacy'

by Justin King

The automaker has finally warmed to Apple CarPlay and is among the first to adopt Amazon Alexa, but with no plans to support Google\'s platform.

Toyota has apparently shed a bit of light on its refusal to add Android Auto support.

The Japanese automaker was among the last to begin rolling out third-party smartphone integration, but only for Apple CarPlay. Previous reports suggest Google has been given the cold shoulder due to its broader data gathering, extending to the vehicle's speed and engine rpm.

"We're a conservative company and we wanted to make sure everything was okay," explained Toyota's Avalon program manager, Mark DeJongh, at a recent first-drive event attended by Motor1. "We wanted to protect our customers' privacy. We strongly believe in our stance and in what we're doing."

More recent speculation hints at Toyota's relationship with Amazon as another contributing factor. The all-new Rav4 and Corolla will be among the first cars with Amazon Alexa support, while Toyota is also working with the retailer to explore next-generation modular delivery vehicles.

Google in 2015 denied allegations of data overreach, arguing in a statement to Gizmodo that users opt-in to share information that merely provides "more accurate navigation" through the car's GPS.