By Drew Johnson
Thursday, Dec 8th, 2011 @ 9:57 am
The UAW says it has dropped plans to target a foreign automaker for organization, representing a major shift in the union's recruiting efforts. The UAW previously vowed to unionize at least one foreign auto manufacturer on U.S. soil by year's end.

"We're shifting our strategy a little bit," UAW President Bob King said. "We are not going to announce a target at all. We are not going to create a fight."

King's announcement comes just days after UAW spokeswoman Michele Martin revealed the union would fall short of its goal of to unionize a foreign plant by year's end. Martin's words were the first indication that the UAW might be backing off its aggressive campaign.

Organizing at least one foreign automaker operating on U.S. soil has been one of King's biggest priorities since taking over as the union's president in July 2010. However, that has proven to be an uphill battle, with the vast majority of foreign plant workers declining to even hear the UAW out.

UAW membership currently stands at about 377,000, representing a 42 percent decline from just seven years ago.

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