By Ronan Glon
Wednesday, Dec 26th, 2012 @ 4:40 am
Utah-based startup VIA Motors has announced that it will launch three new extended-range electric vehicles at next month's Detroit Motor Show. The yet-unnamed EVs will be unveiled by Bob Lutz, the creator of the Chevrolet Volt and VIA Motors' spokesman.

Details are scarce but VIA claims the first two vehicles will be a technology-packed luxury four-wheel drive SUV and a full-size van that can seat up to 12 passengers. Surprisingly, the third one will be a full-size all-wheel drive pickup truck powered by an 800 horsepower drivetrain.

Although the company has yet to confirm this, all three cars are likely based off of existing General Motors products and fitted with VIA's own V-DRIVE electric technology.

VIA's upcoming vehicles perfectly reflect the company's philosophy.

"These three new offerings demonstrate VIA's commitment to electrify the top-selling vehicles that use the most gas and can therefore benefit the most from converting to low-cost electric fuel, while at the same time, reducing more emissions to benefit the communities they serve," said VIA's president Alan Perriton.

A full set of details about the gasoline-electric trio will be unveiled in the next couple of weeks.

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