By Andrew Ganz
Tuesday, Oct 22nd, 2013 @ 6:20 pm
Some stories are almost too amazing to believe. A camera crew and reporter in Atlanta stumbled across a driver slumped over, snoozing - and drooling - in a Ram Heavy Duty truck on a busy highway Sunday.

Once Georgia Department of Transportation officials arrived on the scene, they were able to revive the obviously groggy driver, who fled the scene before any action could be taken.

The story would have been fine had it ended there. But it didn't. Just feet away from where he was initially sleeping, the driver presumably slumped back into slumber and his Ram plowed into cars stuck in a traffic jam.

Incredibly, the driver then tried to flee the scene again, although he was blocked in by traffic and his truck was heavily damaged. Abandoning the truck, he tried to awkwardly run away and eventually climbed over a fence. Despite numerous people present on the scene, he was not stopped and, reports WSB-TV, he has not yet been caught.

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