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Volvo reveals S90 Ambience Concept 'sensory experience'

by Justin King

Passengers in the three-seat executive sedan can orchestrate interior visual themes, audio and scent via a smartphone app.

Volvo has revealed the S90 Ambience Concept, due to make its first public appearance in Beijing.

Based on the existing S90 Excellence three-seat executive sedan, the concept adds dynamic lighting that shifts between various visual 'moods' with synchronized audio. Each theme even has its own specialized scent.

"The visual element transforms the car ceiling according to the selected theme - including Northern Lights, Scandinavian Forest, Swan Lake, Archipelago and Rain - each providing a different mood scaling from relaxing to invigorating" the company says. "There is also a Nocturnal theme for resting and Freedom gives a boost of fresh and uplifting energy."

Chauffeured passengers can simply use their smartphone if they prefer a shift from Swan Lake to the Scandinavian Forest experience.

Although the technology is presented as a concept, Volvo says it aims to launch the features in S90 Excellence production cars.

"The Ambience Concept was created primarily for the China market and provides a contrast to China's sometimes hectic city environments," the automaker says.