Ford wins 2012 Engine of the Year for 1.0L EcoBoost
BMW scores big in International Engine of the Year 2008 awards


Electric Corvette hits 209 mph

An electric sixth-generation Chevrolet Corvette built by a Maryland-based firm has hit a top speed of 209 mph. It also covered a standing mile at 190.4 mph, according to Motor Authority.


Mitsubishi unveils Eclipse Cross

Mitsubishi has introduced the Eclipse Cross ahead of its debut at the Geneva Auto Show. In the U.S., the model will come with a turbocharged 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine and a CVT. Deliveries will kick off later this year.    


Electric Honda Clarity to offer 80-mile range?

The electric version of the Honda Clarity won't make a splash when it arrives. A recent report finds it will offer just 80 miles of range, a figure that will make it one of the shortest-range EVs on the market.


Electric Bentley SUV possible

Bentley could expand its lineup with an electric SUV, company officials have confirmed. Positioned below the Bentayga, the yet-unnamed EV would lure new buyers into showrooms. However, it would kill the production version of the EXP 10 Speed 6 concept.


Peugeot unveils Geneva-bound Instinct concept

Peugeot has introduced a new concept named Instinct. It's a fully connected shooting brake equipped with Samsung's Artik IoT platform, self-driving tech, and a 300-horsepower PHEV drivetrain.


Tesla releases 2016 financial report

Tesla reported $7 billion in revenues and a $746.3 million loss last year. The company sold 76,230 cars in 2016, meaning it missed its sales target by a little under 4,000 units.


First Model 3s going to Tesla, SpaceX employees

The first series-produced Model 3s will be given to reservation holders who work for Tesla or SpaceX. "It's good to have a feedback loop before customers experience them," explained company co-founder and CEO Elon Musk.


Tupac's old 7 Series listed at $1.5 million

The BMW 750iL that rapper Tupac was shot and killed in could be yours for the jaw-dropping sum of $1.5 million. The 21-year old Bimmer has been fully restored, but some of the bullet impacts were preserved.


Tesla Model 3 configurator going live in 3-4 months

Tesla boss Elon Musk confirmed the Model 3 configurator will go live in three or four months. The company has already started building Model 3 prototypes, and regular production is tentatively scheduled to kick off in July.    


Volvo XC60 teased again

Volvo is giving us another look at the upcoming XC60, which will debut at the Geneva Auto Show. The XC60 is a hugely important model because the current-gen model is Volvo's best-seller.