About 15,000 new cars will never be registered as the result of damage sustained during Superstorm Sandy.

About 15,000 new vehicles will be sent to the scrap yard as the result of wind and flood damage cause by Superstorm Sandy.

Several automakers will have to scrap vehicles as a result of Sandy, but none were hit as hard as Nissan. The Japanese automaker estimates it will have to destroy about 6,000 Nissan and Infiniti vehicles that were made "un-saleable" by Sandy's devastation.

"Between dealer and port vehicles for both Nissan and Infiniti, initial estimates have us at more than 6,000 units as 'un-saleable' to be scrapped," Travis Parman, a company spokesman, told The Detroit News.

Toyota was also hit hard, with 4,000 of its Toyota and Lexus vehicles sustaining damage from Sandy. However, Toyota believes it will be able to repair some of those vehicles, with a "little bit under 3,000" of those cars expected to be scrapped.

Honda says it lost 3,440 vehicles in the storm, including some Acura models.

Chrysler estimates its losses at 750 vehicles, but cross-town rivals Ford and General Motors have yet to reveal how many of their vehicles were damaged by the storm.

Hyundai and Kia will have to scrap about 400 and 200 vehicles respectively.

Fisker very publicly lost 16 of its Karma sedans to fire damage following Superstorm Sandy, but its overall losses were actually much worse. A grand total of 320 Karmas were damaged beyond repair by the storm.

In all it's estimated that Sandy destroyed 200,000 vehicles, including used cars and those owned by individuals.