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Report: Aston Martin interested in Mercedes hybrid technology

by Nick Aziz

When we first heard rumors about Mercedes-Benz and Aston Martin sharing engines and other technologies, we couldn't help but imagine a V8 Vantage with a 6.2-liter V8 AMG engine, or perhaps a DBS with a 6.5-liter V12. But the first cooperation between the two companies might come as a surprise. Apparently, Aston is interested in borrowing some of Mercedes' hybrid technology.

Since it would be difficult or impossible for Aston Martin to fund the development of a hybrid powertrain of its own, it seems only logical to license the technology. According to Germany's Auto Motor und Sport an anonymous Mercedes executive said his company has been approached by Aston about V6 and V8 hybrid systems.

So where will these talks lead? We wouldn't be surprised to see a hybrid version of the forthcoming Rapide sedan, with a relatively high horsepower rating and modest fuel economy given that output. How far the company might tech this technology remains to be seen.

Of course, this program is probably only one of many synergies being discussed by Mercedes-Benz and Aston Martin bosses. As previously reported, the two companies have had a candid dialog about everything from cooperating on engines to whole vehicles.