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Tata unveils first electric: Indica Vista EV

by Andrew Ganz

Indian automaker Tata introduced its first fully electric vehicle, the Indica Vista EV at the Geneva Motor Show. Presented in concept form, the Indica Vista EV is based on the automaker's best-selling car, the Indica Vista, except it adds to the equation a small electric motor capable of a roughly 200 kilometer range.

Tata says that the electric motor can power the Indica Vista EV to 60 km/h in under 10 seconds, though given it is aimed at buyers in congested Indian streets, it seems that its range and low emissions would be more crucial selling points.

The car uses polymer lithium ion batteries, which are said to have improved energy density. Based on the updated Indica Vista, which is already on sale in India, the EV is likely to hit dealership showrooms in 2011.

Tata designed the car in conjunction with its UK subsidiary and Miljo Grenland/Innovasjon, which is 70 percent owned by Tata Motor European Technical Centre, plc.