Chevrolet says it has discovered an extra mile per gallon in the revised 2012 Camaro V6, giving the muscle car a highway rating of 30mpg.

The pony car wars have historically been all about big V8s, but Chevrolet is taking the battle to the V6 models for the 2012 model year. Chevrolet has announced the 2012 Camaro V6 will feature more power and improved fuel economy.

We reported back in April that the '12 Camaro V6 would be receiving an 11 horsepower bump, but at the time General Motors said the car's fuel economy would remain the same. However, The General has revised that statement, claiming the Camaro V6 will be capable of up to 30mpg - a 1mpg improvement over last year's model.

GM was able to squeeze out more power and fuel economy from the Camaro's 3.6L V6 by combining the exhaust manifold with the cylinder head into a single aluminum casting. Not only does the new design eliminate the potential for a gasket failure, but also reduces the car's weight by 13 pounds.

"Reducing engine mass of this magnitude doesn't happen often," said Ameer Haider, GM assistant chief engineer for V6 engines. "Engineering usually looks for reduction in terms of grams not pounds. It's just like removing a set of golf clubs from your car when you don't need them - ultimately it saves fuel. When combined with other mass reductions, the customer will see better fuel economy over time with better performance."

Despite the improvement, the 2012 Camaro V6 still plays second fiddle to the Ford Mustang's 31mpg V6 rating.