Images of the interior and exterior of Porsche's iconic 911 model have been leaked.

Porsche was intending for its all-new 2012 911 to stay hidden from the public gaze until the Frankfurt Motor Show next month, but that plan may have gone awry as a series of what appear to be official company photos have surfaced online today.

The images reveal that, perhaps unsurprisingly, the new 911 sports evolutionary rather than radical styling changes. Up front, LED running lights are no longer arranged in line with the trapezoidal air ducts they hover over but instead migrate further towards the corners of the car, while the iconic circular headlamps seem to be virtually unaltered.

The car looks slightly elongated in profile, the result of a 2.2-inch increase in overall length, while the front and rear overhangs seem relatively unchanged despite being 1.3 and 0.5 inches shorter, respectively. Meanwhile, the taillights have shrunk a bit while the space taken up by the retractable spoiler has grown.

Inside, the 911 follows the Panamera's lead with a sloping center console, a plethora of buttons and what appear to be high quality materials.

Unfortunately, no technical specifications have been leaked, but we do know that 7 speed transmissions of both the double clutch automatic and true manual variety will be offered. Engine choices are a bit more murky, but expect about 350 horsepower from a 3.4-liter flat-six for the Carrera and in the neighborhood of 400 horses from a 3.8 liter unit in the Carrera S.

Check back over the next few weeks for official photos and information.

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