Kia's new minivan will be unveiled at the New York show.

Kia's redesigned people hauler will make its debut this April in the Big Apple, a new report suggests.

While we don't know exactly what we'll see when Kia pulls the sheet on the 2015 Sedona minivan, an Autoblog report suggests that it will draw stylistic inspiration from 2011's KV7 concept, which loosely resembled an enlarged Soul with futuristic design elements.

Inside, expect a more sophisticated cabin that integrates Kia's UVO infotainment system. What motor will call the 2015 Sedona's engine bay home is currently a mystery, but it's possible that it could switch from the 2014 model's V6 to a downsized turbocharged four-cylinder as an efficiency-boosting measure.

The current Kia Sedona has had a bit of an unusual history. Launched way back in the 2006 model year, it soldiered on through 2012, when it was dropped from Kia's lineup. After a one-year hiatus, it returned from the dead for 2014 with a few minor styling changes and interior tweaks.

Whatever form the 2015 Sedona takes, it will enter into a difficult market situation. Minivan sales have been dwindling for years, and the competition for what volume remains has intesified between big players like the Chrysler Town & Country and Honda Odyssey.