The 2018 Ford Expedition will be the ultimate road trip vehicle.

Keeping the little ones entertained in the 2018 Ford Expedition will be a little easier thanks to a new rear seat entertainment system featuring streaming video content.

Ford announced on Tuesday that it's all-new 2018 Expedition will be the first vehicle to market with SlingPlayer for backseat entertainment. The SlingPlayer software connects to an owner's home-based Slingbox, allowing for the streaming of most major cable TV channels.

Rear seat passengers can access SlingPlayer via either of the Expedition's two headrest-mounted video monitors. The SlingPlayer can also be streamed wireless on up to three mobile devices, ensuring third-row passengers don't miss out on the action.

"This entertainment system creates an entirely new viewing experience in the vehicle," said Craig Patterson, Ford Expedition brand marketing manager. "It brings the smart TV experience to Expedition. Together, they completely change the dynamic of a family road trip."

Parents have the ability to control the content of SlingPlayer via the Expedition's main infotainment screen located in the center stack. Parents can also set approved programming ahead of the road trip.

In addition to its streaming TV capabilities, the 2018 Expedition boasts a WiFi system with a range of 50 feet that can support up to 10 devices.