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GM working on 'Airbnb for your car,' sources say

by Justin King

The company is expected to launch a pilot program via its Maven car-sharing platform as early as this summer.

General Motors is apparently attempting to beat Tesla as the first major automaker to launch a peer-to-peer car-sharing service.

The company is working on a pilot program that will allow owners to rent out their vehicles via GM's Maven car-sharing platform, unnamed sources have told Bloomberg.

Several San Francisco-based startups already offer such services, including Turo and Getaround. Both have remained relatively small players, however, compared to traditional car rental companies.

Tesla has envisioned a peer-to-peer service that allows owners to make money from their car while it would otherwise be wasting time in the garage or in a parking lot. The company appears to be waiting for Level 4/5 autonomy, avoiding the issue of allowing users to actually drive someone else's car rather than simply take a ride in it.

GM is said to be preparing its pilot program for this summer, suggesting it will be a traditional car-sharing service rather than relying on self-driving operation.