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Sweden opens slot-track road that charges EVs on the fly

by Justin King

Both freight and passenger cars can be charged while driving.

Sweden has officially opened eRoadArlanda, a slotted road that charges electric vehicles as they travel.

Adapting technology already used for subways and electric trolley buses, the road integrates a pair of narrow slots that protect electrified contacts. Vehicles are equipped with a moving arm below the chassis to make a conductive connection.

The arm is automatically deployed and moves to keep in alignment with the slot as the vehicle drifts in the lane. If the vehicle moves too far from the center of the lane, the arm is automatically lifted.

The system provides enough power to keep the vehicle moving and charge its batteries. Energy transfer is monitored, allowing for usage-based billing.

The first two-kilometer test track is located between the Arlanda Freight Terminal and Rosersberg Logistics Area, heavily trafficked by 18-tonne trucks that can be modified to support the unique charging system.

If automakers get involved in the project, the technology can also be adapted for use by passenger cars.