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BMW Motorrad shows 'self-riding' motorcycle [Video]

by Justin King

The bike can accelerate, make turns and come to a complete stop without a human rider.

BMW Motorrad has released a video demonstrating its "self-riding" motorcycle.

"At first sight, the self-riding motorbike seems to make no real sense," the company admits.

Research teams and engineers will use the prototype to understand more about the motorcycle's dynamics, paving the way for advanced intervention systems that can help keep human riders out of trouble.

"In this project, it was not our goal to develop a fully automated motorcycle," says BMW Motorrad's Stefan Hans. "We want to improve motorcycle safety."

The company wants to integrate dynamic control programs that can show the best and safest driving line around an obstacle at an early stage, serving as an "action recommendation" in a dangerous situation. When paired with a control system, the technology can maneuver the bike itself.

Autonomous technology is making the most headlines in the traditional automotive arena but could arguably serve an equally significant role in transforming motorcycle safety. BMW has not yet announced a specific plan or timeframe to bring the technology to market, however.