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Boring Co to connect private garages to commuter tunnel

by Justin King

The company has received approval from the Hawthorne City Council to build a prototype of the garage-connection system near SpaceX headquarters.

The Boring Co has reportedly received approval to test a new connection point to its underground commuter tunnels, potentially allowing privately-owned homes to have direct access to the public transportation system.

A drawing posted by The Mercury News shows an elevator connecting a private garage to the underground tunnel. A vehicle would ride the same electric 'skate' that can also be used to carry a passenger pod.

The company has apparently already purchased a private home abutting the mile-long test tunnel that is being constructed along 120th St between Hawthorne Blvd and Prairie Ave.

City officials have only granted approval for the garage to be used as a test spur, allowing vehicles to enter from SpaceX and travel to and from the garage. The startup is not allowed to bring vehicles in from the street to use the tunnel, and the tunnel is still not allowed to be open to the public.

"It's an important part of the longer-term vision the company is trying to build," said Boring Co representative Jane Labanowski.