If you've ever thought you were invincible behind the wheel of a car, this story may give you pause.

The team at Fifth Gear have taken their car crash antics to a new level by undertaking what it claims is the fastest "car crash test that we, or anyone else has ever conducted."

The crash was designed to show what would happen if two average family commuter cars were to crash head on and its outcome. For reference, typical car crash testing usually has a vehicle travelling at a maximum of 40mph to determine safety ratings.

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The test was run without crash test dummies as the show's safety experts were not prepared to sacrifice their prized possessions - they fully expected them to be unsalvagable in the aftermath. In their stead, a pair of unfortunate shop-front manneqiuns was substituted.

The show's engineers hooked up the Focus to a winch capable of generating 15,000 pounds-feet of torque and propelled at a barrier - this equates to the torque produced by 16 Bugatti Veyrons.

On impact, the car decelerated from 120mph to zero in 68 milliseconds. Underscoring the complete devastation of such an event on a person, the car's occupants would have experienced 400 times the force of gravity exerted on their bodies.

Artificial experiment or not, the video certainly makes an impact.


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