The lot includes a batch of 9-5 SportCombis.

Saab filed for bankruptcy almost a year ago but the story is far from over. The receivers that were put in charge of liquidating the automaker's estate have just listed 68 new or lightly used 2012 Saabs for sale on a Swedish auction site called KVD.

The lot consists of several 9-3 wagons and convertibles, a couple of 9-4x SUVs, a lone 9-7x and several 2012 9-5 sedans, including a handful of 300-horsepower Turbo6 models. Both right- and left-hand drive models are being sold off.

Surprisingly, the auction also includes a batch of 18 9-5 SportCombis, the station wagon variant of the car which never made it to regular production due to Saab's financial woes. About 30 SportCombis were built before the company shut its doors last December.

Enthusiast site SaabsUnited reports that the 9-5 SportCombis cannot be registered in Sweden because they were never crash tested by the government. In spite of what amounts to a fairly major setback, Saab aficionados will likely snatch up the wagons and hang on to them as a rare piece of Saab history.

KVD will organize a private tour of the cars that are earmarked for the auction block on December 8th and 9th. The auction is scheduled to end on December 16th.

Photos courtesy of KVD.