The two men sold parts online at a fraction of their cost.

Almost a year ago, an unidentified Abarth dealer complained to the factory that they received an incomplete Esseesse kit. The kit is a wooden crate that contains all the parts necessary to modify an Abarth 500 into a more powerful and stiffer-riding Abarth 500 Esseesse (pronounce that eh-seh eh-seh).

At first Abarth treated the incident as an isolated case of negligence when packing the kit but soon after, more dealers complained of receiving incomplete kits.

When a dealer notified Abarth that they hadn't received the kit altogether, the Italian tuner noticed that something had gone awry and notified the Italian Carabinieri.

After an eight-month-long investigation, the Carabinieri linked the missing parts to two Abarth employees who allegedly grabbed parts from the kits and sold them online for a fraction of their normal cost. An Esseesse ECU costs $2,000 at an Abarth parts counter but only $400 when purchased online from its employees.

The Carabinieri estimate that over a million euros worth of parts were stolen, a figure which equates to 1.36 million dollars. The duo peddled nearly every type of Abarth parts; bucket seats, turbochargers, brake components, even articles of clothing, nothing was overlooked.

The two employees behind the scheme have been arrested. Twenty-three other men working either for Abarth or for the Italian postal service were taken in for questioning in relation to the case.

A little less than a year ago BMW experienced a similar problem in several of their assembly plants. The German firm was not as lucky as Abarth and the stolen goods amounted to nearly four million dollars.


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