A calibration bug can limit the engine to idle speed, even if the accelerator pedal is fully depressed.

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is preparing to fix the 2014 Fiat 500L, addressing a hesitation issue.

Improper calibration for the accelerator pedal can limit the engine to idle speed and torque, even if the pedal is fully depressed. Proper behavior resumes after the pedal is fully released and depressed again.

"This safety defect may result in the diminished ability to accelerate or to maintain vehicle speed when expected," the company warns. "Diminished ability to accelerate or maintain vehicle speed may, in rare cases, result in a vehicle crash. This condition may occur without warning."

The automaker was aware of hesitation issues nearly three years ago, quickly resolving the issue for the 2015 model year but apparently leaving it unfixed for the 2014 edition. The company received a field report in December 2016 indicating problems with the 2014 model, prompting another investigation that led to the recall.

Approximately 25,000 vehicles will receive revised PCM software to resolve the glitch.