The videos are tailored to match the particular designs of each vehicle, with a reference to the serial number.

Acura has launched a unique marketing campaign with individualized films for each early NSX that rolls off the assembly line.

Each video is tailored to match the exact specs of the ordered vehicle, including color and wheel choices. Buyers also catch a glimpse of the serial number of their specific vehicle.

Jay Leno was among the first in line, receiving chassis no. 0003 clad in Curva Red paint.

The segments highlight the NSX production line at Honda's Marysville, Ohio, factory where advanced robots help weld the car's space frame and a team of 16 technicians completes final hand assembly.

Aside from the brief videos, early buyers also receive a 1:18 scale model that also matches their chosen exterior hue, interior scheme and individual installed accessories such as brake calipers and carbon-fiber components.