A bittersweet ending to a touching story of a woman and her long-lasting Mercury Comet.

Remember Rachel Veitch, the adorable 91-year old woman who was made famous by telling the story of her 540,000+ mile Mercury Comet?

Well, unfortunately her 48-year journey with her beloved Mercury Comet Caliente has come to an end, and believe it or not, it wasn't because the car finally called it quits - her eyes did. Veitch told FoxNews that as of last month she has come to the conclusion that it simply isn't safe for her to drive Chariot (the nickname she gave her car) after she ran a "bald-faced red light" and was no longer able to read the bold-print headlines in the newspaper.

Veitch has been diagnosed with age-related macular degeneration in both eyes, meaning there will be no reversal of the condition. Even though the state of Florida hasn't taken any action to revoke Veitch's driver's license, the 93-year old promises, "They don't have to take it away, I would not dream of driving that car again."

The car, a 1964 Mercury Comet Caliente, has managed to travel a staggering 576,000 miles in her care, consuming seven free mufflers, three sets of shocks and 16 free batteries during that time. Engine and transmission? Yup, still original.

For now, the car is set to sit in her own garage, with a trip scheduled to a special classic car show - after that? Nothing is set in stone, but the always optimistic Veitch has indicated that she may consider selling Chariot to TV host Jay Leno.

(Video from two years ago)