The Giulia QV has beaten the Porsche Panamera S, as well as its own time from a year ago.

A year ago, Alfa Romeo lapped the Nurburgring at 7 minutes and 39 seconds with its Giulia Quadrifoglio four-door. It was not deemed an official time, but if it had, it would have broken the production sedan record. Porsche claimed to beat that record with its new Panamera S just a few months ago. Now, the Giulia is back with a new time that doesn't just beat the Porsche, but beats its own time by a whopping seven seconds.

The new lap time of 7:32 is in range of dedicated performance models like the Ford Shelby GT350R and the Porsche 911 Turbo S. What caused the same car (and driver) to beat its own record by that much time? Purists will be sad to find out that the answer lies in the transmission.

The 7:39 lap was set with a 6-speed manual gearbox, while the 7:32 lap was set with a ZF 8-speed automatic. It could be a fancy transmission specially designed for the Giulia QV, but as Jalopnik guesses, it's equally likely that it's just the plain ol' ZF 8-speed that appears in a host of FCA products.

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Once again, the time isn't officially official yet, but you can watch the run in the video below.

Live photos by Brian Williams.