All-wheel-drive will be on the options list of all of Jaguar's future vehicles.

Jaguar global brand director Adrian Hallmark has revealed that each and every one of the English automaker's future vehicles will be engineered from the start to offer all-wheel-drive. The move will allow the company to avoid retrofitting AWD to its offerings after launch, a costly process that consumer demand forced it to undertake with the XF and XJ sedans.

Outside of California, Jaguar's strongest market is located on the East Coast between Washington, D.C., and Boston. With AWD viewed as a winter-weather necessity by many buyers in that region, Jaguar recently decided it had no choice but to undertake what it termed the "nearly cost prohibitive" exercise of adding the traction-enhancing option to its XF and XJ models - both of which were originally engineered solely for rear-wheel-drive.

Not intending to make the same mistake twice, Jaguar will look to conserve development funds and boost its appeal in northern states by designing all future models from the ground up to feature optional AWD capability, Hallmark revealed to Autocar.

While AWD is a no-brainer for Jaguar's upcoming crossover model, it could also represent an intriguing option to improve acceleration and handling in Jaguar's future sports cars, especially if paired with a torque-vectoring system.