Alternative McLaren P1 models to fit your budget, height

by Ben Hsu
McLaren P1 Toys - image 1

Kid-friendly supercars get them started young.

If you can't afford a real McLaren P1, there's still hope yet. The company has licensed its supercar's likeness to several toy companies, and you can now buy slightly smaller versions that fit your budget.

To celebrate the fifth anniversary of the P1, the company has teamed up with toymakers to create kid-friendly versions. The smallest is a "foot-to-floor" model that's ridden more like a bike or rocking horse than a car. It's kiddie foot powered, and McLaren says acceleration is "biscuit dependent." It costs about $40 and can be found at This Is It, a British toy seller.

The next, slightly larger version is made by Avigo/Huffy, and is a Power Wheels-style electric kart. Its top speed is about 3 mph, or 214 mph slower than the actual car. It's battery powered and costs just under $200 at Toys R Us.

The smallest example happens to be the most expensive. Made by Tecnomodel, it appears to be a 1:18 scale model. Its high detail is the cause of the $388 price, as it is more of an adult collectible than a toy.

All three are finished in Volcano Yellow, and are also the only P1 cars still available. McLaren has already sold out of all 375 units of the real P1. If all of three alternatives are still too pricey, just remember Hot Wheels makes one for a buck.