Inspired by fighter jets, the Tachyon Speed is claimed to reach 240 mph and pull 2G in corners at speed.

California-based startup Rice Advanced Engineering Systems and Research (RAESR) is the latest prospective electric supercar builder, previewing a 1,200-horsepower model known as the Tachyon Speed.Heavily inspired by fighter jets, the Tachyon is less than 40 inches high and protects the driver inside a bulbous canopy and a Kevlar interior tub shrouded in carbon-fiber bodywork.

A chromoly steel tube frame helps contribute to a dry weight below 1.5 tons, motivated by six electric motors and a 532-volt battery.

The company claims the Tachyon can hit 60 mph in under three seconds, 120 mph in under seven seconds, and complete the quarter mile in under 10 seconds. Lateral acceleration is estimated to reach 2G at high speed, thanks to more than a half ton of downforce at 150 mph.

Like other EV startups, RAESR's ambitious will be shrouded in skepticism until the company can deliver a product. A YouTube video shows at least one working prototype.