The latest sign of potential trouble suggests "acting global CEO" Ding Lei has stepped down.

Another top Faraday Future executive has reportedly left the company, further fueling speculation that the company is facing financial and organizational trouble.

The startup has mostly kept its top leadership in the shadows, but sources have told The Verge that "acting global CEO" Ding Lei is the latest departure.

The same news outlet last week claimed brand chief Marco Mattiacci and marketing VP Joerg Sommer recently left the company. Both are industry veterans; Mattiacci previously served as Ferrari North America CEO, while Sommer held leadership roles at Volkswagen and Daimler, among other automakers.

Ding Lei is said to have been considered a leading spokesman, second only to company founder Jia Yueting.

FF's structure is somewhat confusing, as Yueting is also said to be spearheading two other prospective EV startups. The executive's biggest company, LeEco, claims Ding Lei is still employed as a chairman for a separate EV project.

Skepticism surrounding Faraday Future's market ambitions has grown for months, sparked by an alleged failure to pay contractors that are building the company's $1 billion factory in Nevada. The prospective automaker plans to show its first production car in the coming week at CES in Las Vegas.