In an unexpected turns of events, the 13 employees terminated by Chrysler for drinking on the clock have their jobs back.

The 13 employees terminated by Chrysler in 2010 for drinking and smoking while on the clock have been given back their jobs by an arbitrator.

The baker's dozen of day-partiers were fired in September 2010 after an investigation by Detroit's MyFoxDetroit found that several employees from Chrysler's Jefferson North assembly plant were spending their lunch breaks getting drunk and high. Two other employees were suspended for their drunken antics.

Chrysler determined that the 13 individuals "violated the company's Standards of Conduct" and were immediately terminated. However, the drunkards filed grievances against Chrysler regarding the matter, sending the issues to an independent arbitrator.

After a two-year deliberation, the arbitrator ruled to reinstate the 13 employees, "citing insufficient conclusive evidence to uphold the dismissals."

The 13 individuals will soon be back on the job, but Chrysler isn't happy with the decision.

"I want you to know that Chrysler Group does not condone, in any way, this type of misconduct, but we're in the tough spot of having to accept the arbitrator's decision, just as the Union must when the ruling is in the favor of the Company," Scott Garberding, Senior Vice President-Manufacturing, wrote on Chrysler's corporate blog.

Garberding continued: "We take very seriously the fact that our company was given a chance to rebuild itself through the assistance of the federal government and the taxpayers.

"I respectfully ask you to look at this situation as an unfortunate aberration and know that Chrysler does not take worker misconduct lightly. We will always pursue the strongest and most appropriate actions when this occurs."

It remains unknown if Chrysler will have to pay the 13 employees back pay for their two years off the job.