Arizona's governor has a new set of wheels.

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer hasn't exactly been a passive politician, so it's little surprise that she racked up 85,000 miles in her state-owned Chrysler 300C in just four years.

A few mechanical hiccups earlier this year prompted the state to consider replacing it. According to spokesman Matthew Benson, the 300C had a "series of recent engine troubles" that led to it being towed away for repairs in May and July.

Apparently pleased with the 300 regardless of its faults, the Arizona Department of Public Safety has decided to order another one to use as the governor's official transport vehicle.

While Arizona paid $37,112 for the first 2008 300C in late 2007, the state paid $40,309 for the new 2011 model painted in black, a color that Brewer says was "cheaper" to buy in sun-drenched Arizona.

The Chrysler 300C has long been popular with politicians; President Barack Obama - one of Brewer's arch nemeses - owned one prior to running for the national office.


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