The new design is said to provide higher levels of safety and responsiveness for autonomous systems.

ARM has introduced a new series of chips geared for autonomous vehicles and other artificial intelligence applications.

Based on the company's popular Cortex-A architecture, the new DynamIQ technology is claimed to deliver a 50-fold increase in AI performance in the next few years and a 10-fold boost in response between CPUs and specialized accelerator hardware

Designers can implement up to eight cores in a single cluster, each potentially handling different tasks with unique power and performance needs.

"DynamIQ brings greater levels of responsiveness for [Advanced Driver Assistance Systems] solution and increased safety capabilities which will enable partners to build [Automotive Integrity Safety Level D] compliant systems for safe operation under failure condition," ARM CPU marketing VP Nandan Nayampally wrote in a blog post.

ARM is perhaps best known for its power-sipping chips used in smartphones and other mobile devices. The company is one of several chip companies aiming to gain a foothold in the nascent autonomous-vehicle market. The biggest names include Nvidia and Intel, which recently acquired Mobileye for around $15 billion.