Andy Palmer suggests the brand could support up to three models.

Aston Martin CEO Andy Palmer has an ambitious vision for the Lagonda brand, potentially paving the way for several new models in the company's lineup.The British automaker dusted off the storied marque in 2014 to create a limited run of ultra-luxe sedans. Evoking Lagonda models that appeared for several decades starting in the mid-'70s, the modern Lagonda Taraf features boxy bodywork and a stretched profile.

The Taraf was initially introduced as a Middle East exclusive, but Aston eventually brought it to the UK and South Africa with a production run capped at 200 units. With an estimated base price of around a million dollars each, the experiment appears to have been a success.

Speaking to Car and Driver, Palmer suggests the Lagonda brand could support several additional sedans to join Aston Martin's core production models.

"At the moment, I assume two cars. It could be one, it could be three—that will come out in the business case—but two is the most likely," he said. "We know how to make cars handle, we know how to make them luxurious, and we have already made and sold sedans."

The executive admits that the Rapide will likely be put to rest when the company launches its next four-door model, whether the DBX crossover or another Lagonda sedan.