Is the logo for an merchandise brand, or cars?

Aston Martin has filed a trademark application for a new logo. The symbol appears to be a circle with several intersecting diagonal lines inside.

Unearthed by AutoGuide, the filing took place in two stages. The first occurred July 2016, and the description said that the logo would be used on, according to the article, "small items of metal hardware, furniture, advertising, marketing, etc." This week, Aston Martin filed again, adding clothing and even mobile phones as potential uses.

This would seem to indicate that the logo will mainly be attached to promotional products or apparel, but AutoGuide adds that the second filing includes "automobile chassis and design of land vehicles."

While the emblem is starkly different from the current one, wings around the words "Aston Martin," the article points out that the intersecting lines can be traced to show an interlocked letter "A" and letter "M." This interpretation makes more sense, and harkens back to the logo Aston Martin introduced in 1921 and used through 1926.

The first winged Aston Martin logo, in which the wings were angled in a "V" shape, appeared in 1927. The flat-topped wing logo was introduced in 1932 and has seen only minor modification since then.