Upgrades for the 800-horsepower track monster promise to cut lap times.

If you thought last year's delivery of just 24 models of the company's most exclusive modern vehicle was the end of the story for the Aston Martin Vulcan, guess again. Today, at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, Aston Martin has lifted the sheet off its new AMR Pro model.

"AMR" is Aston Martin's "M" or "AMG"--a new sub-brand that will showcase the company's performance-focused models. Aston calls the Vulcan AMR Pro package the "pinnacle" of the new brand.

One could argue that the Vulcan doesn't need much help representing the top end of Aston Martin's performance catalog. The already-outrageous, track-only offering isn't so much a car as it is a high-performance education program. The $2.3-million cost of entry includes training with an Aston Martin Racing pro driver, graduating from less-powerful models and high-tech simulators to full-blown instruction in the Vulcan itself.

The AMR Pro is an extension of that graduated process, in a sense. It's not a new model, strictly speaking, but rather an aero package that will be added to customers' existing Vulcans (In fact, the first upgrades are already underway, Aston says.) that will make them even more capable, allowing the driver to stretch his or her abilities even further.

The Vulcan's seven-liter V12 under the hood (if you can call it that), the pushrod suspension and the carbon fiber tub all remain unchanged. The extensive aerodynamic upgrades include new front-mounted dive planes, lift-reducing louvred panels above the front wheel arches, turning vanes in the front splitter, and an updated dual-plane rear wing.

Thanks to these aero improvements, the Vulcan AMR Pro generates almost 30% more downforce than the Aston Martin Vantage GTE that won Le Mans just a little over week ago. Just in case that wasn't enough, Aston Martin's engineers also redesigned the aforementioned engine cover for a five-kilogram weight loss.

The first customer modifications are expected to be completed by Autumn. In the meantime, the new Aston Martin Vulcan AMR Pro will go "up the hill" at Goodwood (likely in the very capable hands of one of the company's works drivers) today.